Tantra is an ancient wisdom path that guides us to live our lives in intimacy with what is
actually happening, within and around us. Everything we are looking for is already here, now.



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Body Love Book is being translated into English. Thank you for your patience.

Body Love Yoga is a tantric form of yoga in the sense that it supports and guides us to feel ourselves in the depths of our being. It is meditation and relaxation in movement. We guide the body back to its natural way of moving where it can eventually express its authentic effortless flow. Deep relaxation combined with the awakening of slumbering muscles invites a healthy balance in the way we move our bodies. Body Love Yoga balances yin and yang and gives you access to more of your inherent capacity. Both on the yoga mat and in life as a whole.

The path to deep self-love and love beyond the self goes through intimacy with the body. In order to feel genuine and deep love for ourselves and others, we need a continuous embodied relationship to our bodies. We need to learn to love and embrace them just as they are in every moment. We also need to consciously give them attention and love in order for them to continue to be vibrantly alive throughout our whole lives.

Body Love Yoga gives you the keys to love yourself deeply. As we all know love comes from within, and this yoga supports you to get in touch with the inner love, peace, sensuality and integrity that is inherent in the body.

The yoga is practiced individually in all Yoga Retreats also the ones named Tantra Yoga. In Tantra Retreats and Workshops, yoga is combined with exercises where we also meet each other in a safe way with respect for everyone's boundaries and integrity. 

"Yoga posture practice is a tantric practice that takes place in and through the body as an acknowledged expression and vehicle of the wisdom of life."  Quote from Godfrey Devereux: Notes on the Sensuality of Sensation

Photo: Roger Borgelid

"Maybe you have been longing for this ever since you got the imprint that you are not absolutely perfect just the way you are"

Send an e-mail to bodyloveyoga@gmail.com to receive a free of charge Body Love Meditation with Mia Lehndal in English.


Events are given in English if requested.

Registration: to bodyloveyoga@gmail.com.

ONLINE in English
Body Love Yoga - every day, join whenever it suits you 

Stockholm Södermalm 2020 
June 10 Tantra Yoga & Touching Without Touch
August 26 Yoniäggsyoga & kvinnlig sexualitet

September 2 Start for Tantra yoga every Wednesday at 17.30 - 19.30
September 16 Relax into intimacy - tantric melting & dating

October 14 Tantra Yoga &  Tantric Tantric communication
November 4 More info will come... 


Body Love Tantra Retreat Värmland
July 16 - 19 
More info

Body Love Tantra for Couples
June 25 - 28 Body Love Lovers Retreat Värmland
More info
October 16 - 18 Tantra Workshop for Couples Stockholm
More info

Body Love Yoga Retreat Värmland
August 21 - 23 Body Love Tantra Yoga Retreat
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November 13 - 15 Body Love Yoga Retreat 
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Body Love Yoga & Tantra Teacher Training 
August 17 - 23
Is currently in Swedish but might be held in English on request.

Body Love Tantra Yoga Retreat in Goa India 
November 30  - December 7
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About Mia Lehndal
Mia Lehndal is a natural tantrica who has been dedicated to the yogic and tantric path for more than 15 years. She teaches yoga, tantra, coaching, and leadership and shows clearly how those paths are interconnected and supports you in being who you truly are. She is the author of Body Love Book & Våga vara den du är! Mia dropped out of her academic career in media & communication in the year 2000 and has since then been devoted to finding out who she truly is beyond all concepts. Mia is also the founder of the coaching & leadership training Modigt Ledarskap.